The 10 Best Hikes in the Marche

The Marche, with our mountains, hills, valleys, canyons, caves, rivers, and the sea, offer memorable trails for everyone. Our list of favorite places to hike gets longer every season but these picks offer the best opportunity to enjoy our spectacular nature in unforgettable settings.

Walking path at the Abbadia di Fiastra
One of many paths at the Abbadia di Fiastra

Riserva Naturale Abbadia di Fiastra
The Fiastra Abbey was founded in 1142 and it is one of the best-preserved Cistercian abbeys in Italy. The monks drained the marshy land, grew grapes for wine and established a still-flourishing farmland. It has since become a large natural park with mostly flat paths that traverse along the Fiastra river and through a variety of woodland areas. A large lawn is perfect for picnics and letting the kids run around. Several excellent restaurants in the park offer a chance to take a break and enjoy the quiet nature. It’s a serene and relaxing place that is well loved by locals.

Roman Theater in the Parco Archeologico in Urbisaglia
Roman Theater in the Parco Archeologico

Parco Archeologico Urbs Salvia
First-century ruins of a Roman city were preserved by a landslide and are being excavated among the 40 hectare archeological park. A one kilometer walking path from the Amphitheater and Temple travels along the ancient city walls and up to the theater and gives you an idea of how large the city once was. It’s another place popular with locals and very accessible with ample parking and public bathrooms.

Lame Rosse
Lame Rosse

Lame Rosse
The “red blades” or Lame Rosse is often called the Grand Canyon of the Sibillini mountains. It’s a very popular destination and several guides offer sunset and evening hikes to the incredible towering rock formations created by centuries of erosion. A 7-kilometer round trip trail starts at the Fiastra Lake dam, with great views of the lake, and proceeds through the shaded woods until the end, where an uphill trek on sand and gravel leads to the Lame Rosse. Bring water and wear sturdy shoes.

Gole dell'Infernaccio
Behind a waterfall at the Gole dell’Infernaccio

Gole dell’Infernaccio
The “Gorge of Hell” in the Sibillini Mountains was formed over the centuries by the Tenna River. It’s a spectacular hike in the summer or fall to enjoy the shade, the cooling waterfalls, and the autumn color change in the beech trees that line this ancient path that connects two valleys. Footbridges that crisscross the river make this a much easier trek nowadays. Two deviations off the path lead to the source of the Tenna River and the Hermitage of San Leonardo. It’s about 9.5 kilometers round trip taking the Hermitage route.

View of Lotignano
View of Lotignano

Santa Lucia to Lontignano
Park by the church of the tiny village of Santa Lucia and continue for about 700 meters on the unpaved road with beautiful open views of the Sibillini mountains. When you reach the sign for Lontignano, follow it right and it becomes more forest with shade trees. After going mildly downhill and then slightly uphill for 2 kilometers, you reach the mostly abandoned hamlet of Lontignano, which sits on the side of a hill in a very serene setting that’s like going back in time. It’s an easy beautiful hike year round.

One of the hidden waterfalls in Sarnano
One of the Hidden Waterfalls in Sarnano

The Cascate Perdute in Sarnano
Three hidden waterfalls were uncovered in 2020 near Sarnano’s beautiful historic center and they are easily reached on well maintained paths. It’s an easy 6 kilometer round-trip walk on mostly flat terrain except just before the Ancient Mill Waterfall. Suitable for all ages, and enjoyable year round. Plus you can enjoy a gelato in Sarnano afterwards!

The Percorso Kneipp
The Percorso Kneipp

Sentiero delle Acque and the Percorso Kneipp in Pieve Torina
The Path of the Waters follows a river and is mostly flat and shaded. The Percorso Kneipp at the beginning of the path offers you an opportunity to walk barefoot through the water, over sand, stones, wood, and other sensory environments. In the winter, it is decorated with holiday lights and a Christmas tree. Continuing along the river, the path leads past an ancient Roman bridge where a deviation leads up the road to the Hermitage of the Saints. Depending on the season, you might find several waterfalls on the route. At the end of the path, you reach a tiny village, and continuing through it, you find the ancient mill and a cave. It’s about 4 kilometers to reach the mill without the Hermitage deviation. The path is well maintained with mild elevation change.

Cow in Confaito
Cow in Confaito

Natural Reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito
Popular year-round, Monte Canfaito shines particularly during the autumn foliage. This large regional park is a popular destination for the old beech tree forest that glows golden when the colors change and provides welcome shade in the summer. Easy paths reveal splendid views of the landscape and pass large cows idling nearby. It’s a fantastic place to relax and picnic.

View of the Adriatic coast from a path on Monte Conero
View of the coast from a path on Monte Conero

Parco del Conero
The park at the top of the Conero Mountain has a variety of well-marked hikes of varying lengths and skill level, some with amazing views of the coastline below. Fantastic foliage, a variety of trees, and a lot of birds offer something for everyone. There are bars, restaurants and facilities to rest and replenish.

The Lovers Cave in Torre di Palme
The Lovers Cave

Sentiero nel Bosco del Cugnolo in Torre di Palme
The Path of the Cugnolo Forest is outside the city walls of Torre di Palme, a village considered one of the most beautiful in Italy, and worth a visit itself. The path leads through the shaded woods and a lot of wild plants, as the views and sounds of the city fade away. The main attraction along the route is the Lovers Cave, where a young couple hid for a few nights as they evaded his enlistment orders to fight in Libya. They threw themselves off the cliff rather than be separated. The cave is reachable with the help of a provided rope. The rest of the path is an easy walk.

These are just a small handful of memorable hikes in our area. We personalize our advice for our guests and are always happy to suggest others.