Recipes from Our Kitchen

Cutlets with Prosciutto and FontinaBy Heather Erica von BargenThis is a year-round favorite in our house and it's equally delicious with chicken or turkey. If you're at Casa Pace e Gioia, use the cutlets that are already breaded from Alessandro, Ivana, and Eleanora's butcher shop in Colmurano and skip the first few steps.
Easy Lentil SoupBy Heather Erica von BargenLentils symbolize abundance and prosperity for the coming New Year so Italians traditionally eat lentil soup on New Year's Day, starting just after midnight. This soup is super easy and can be meatless for those who are vegetarian. In addition to bringing luck to the New Year, it's an especially wonderful soup on a cold winter day. I prefer the lentils from nearby Castelluccio. They're smaller so they cook faster, they're delicious, and they don't require pre-soaking. I omit the carrot and the soup is still fabulous.
Baked Sausages and Potatoes with BeerBy Heather Erica von BargenI saw Luca Pappagallo make this recipe on his Food Network show "In Cucina con Luca Pappagallo." I found the YouTube video and recipe and made it right away. It was easy, delicious, and a crowd-pleaser. I've translated it into English here. Note that the sausages need to marinate in the beer for at least 2 hours.
Penne with Chicken and BasilBy Heather Erica von BargenThis is a great summer recipe. It's light, easy, and cooks quickly on a cooktop. No oven required!
Giuseppe’s Grilled Pork ChopsBy Heather Erica von BargenGiuseppe, chef Fabio Trabocchi's father, loved to grill pork chops this way. This easy and delicious recipe is from Fabio's cookbook Cucina of Le Marche. Note that it marinates overnight.
White Meat SauceBy Heather Erica von BargenThis has been a favorite in our family for years. I modified the original recipe in The Silver Spoon Cookbook. It is good with all types of pasta but fabulous with orecchiette. I usually double the batch and freeze the sauce in portions easy to thaw for dinner.
Hearty Chickpea SoupBy Heather Erica von BargenMinestra di Ceci in Italian. Another delicious recipe from Chef Fabio Trabocchi's book Cucina of Le Marche. It's easy to make with easy to find ingredients and it tastes fabulous. Chef Fabio says that this "rustic and filling one-pot meal" has "sustained poor Marchigiani families for generations".
Pasta alla ZozzonaBy Heather Erica von BargenI found this recipe in Giallo Zafferano and made some modifications. It's delicious, easy, filling, and everyone I have made it for loves it. It combines elements of the famous Roman trio of first-course pastas: Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Cacio e Pepe.
Bucatini with Guanciale or PancettaBy Heather Erica von BargenThis recipe is in Fabio Trabocchi's fantastic cookbook Cucina of Le Marche, which I highly recommend! It's super easy to make, and if you don't have guanciale you can substitute pancetta.
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